1.What is voipDS?

A.Voice over IP Directory Services (voipDS, pronounced as 'voip' D S) is a directory services for VOIP users. It helps VOIP users to find their friends and family VOIP users.

2.Why is this required?

A.This service provides an easy way to discover other VOIP users in order to have peer-to-peer communication. Peer-to-peer calls are 'free' as in 'free beer' and do not go through VOIP service providers.

3.Does voipDS enables peer calling feature in the device?

A.No, this feature is already available in VOIP devices. voipDS only provides a mechanism to discover other VOIP uses and then configure your VOIP device to make peer-to-peer call.

4.What is 'peer connection information' PCI?

A.Peer connection information (PCI) is the information that is required by a VOIP device to make calls to another VOIP device. It typically consists of IP address, protocol and credentials to be used. For more details please refer 'voipDS protocol' spec.

5.What is voipDS.org is about?

A.www.voipDS.org defines the voipDS protocol and contains schemas and sample xmls as defined by the voipDS protocol. A document that explains the voipDS protocol implementation for VOIP devices will be available shortly.

6.What is voipDS.com is about?

A. www.voipDS.com provides the directory service. It contains two interfaces, one web based and other voipDS protocol based.

7.I have xyz software / hardware. How can I use the voipDS to find my friends and family members and make peer-to-peer call?

A.An implementation document for majority of software and hardware VOIP devices will be available shortly.

8.My VOIP provider says that calls to any other person on the same network is free. Is this peer to peer?

A.Not exactly.

    • The calls are still routed through the provider

    • Other person should belong to same provider

    • In majority of cases, you still end up paying monthly fixed costs to the provider.

The goal of voipDS is to provide an easy mechanism to discover and communicate with any VOIP user in the world for 'free'.

9.Is there any device that supports voipDS out of the box?

A.We are working with couple of hardware manufacturers. Please look for an announcement shortly.

10.This looks really cool to me. How can I help?

A.We need your feedback on the protocol and also your help in developing the directory service. Please sign up for the mailing lists to find more details.